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Agnes. R. Venson, LPC, MA

Dr. Renee Williams phd, sees clients in Ft. Washington, Maryland.

Agnes has always had a passion to help others advance to the next level in their lives. Many times, that advancement process includes disappointments, heart aches and emotional pain. As a Pastor’s wife and working over thirty years in the helping field, Agnes has found that her labor of love continues to be with helping others reach their fullest potential. Her experience in providing direct care services in methadone clinics, social service offices, and legal systems has caused her to totally depend on the Holy Spirit. She constantly seeks the face of God for guidance on how to use her gifts, talents and skills to bless others.

Agnes received her M.A. in Counseling from Argosy University and Doctor of Christian Philosophy in Clinical Counseling from Pillsbury-Scarborough Bible College & Seminary. Agnes has facilitated groups in residential and outpatient settings, provided therapy, counseling, and coaching to many experiencing marital challenges, behavioral health/mental health challenges, addictions and more.

Outside of counseling, Agnes enjoys going to church, working in her library, spending time with family and friends, teaching clergy leaders, and providing support and encouragement to other pastors’ wives.

Agnes is a wife of 31 years and mother of three adult children.

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Renee Williams, EdD, LGPC, NCC