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Jon received his BA in Psychology and MA in Professional Counseling at Liberty University.  During his academic studies, he was blessed with a supervisory position for a local mental health organization, training volunteers in crisis intervention and suicide prevention skills.   Jon also completed his internship at Vesta, Inc, leading individual and group therapy sessions for individuals suffering with major depressive disorder, substance abuse disorders, and schizophrenia spectrum disorders.  Shortly after graduation, he attended Dallas Theological Seminary to receive further biblical and theological training, in preparation for becoming a competent Christian Counselor.  Through various ministry residency and leadership roles,

Jon actively participated in both spiritual formation and discipleship ministries within his local church.  Jon has nearly 6 years of experience working with individuals that suffer from depression, anxiety, identity issues, grief or loss, and spiritual issues.

Jon has an eclectic approach to counseling and believes that it’s important to individualize and tailor your counseling approach to each client.  He draws from multiple theoretical models including cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, and strengths-based counseling. He practices from an integrative approach, recognizing that all truth is God’s truth, and the importance of combining both psychology and theology into the counseling process.  Jon also enjoys working with individuals that struggle with spiritual issues related to their faith and their walk with God.  He has experience working with youth, adolescent males, and adults.

The beauty of our brokenness is that it brings us to the humble recognition that we are in deep and desperate need of a Savior.  As humans living in a fallen world, the context and expression of brokenness looks different for each and every person.  I consider it an honor and privilege to be invited into the beautiful narrative that God writes in each person’s life.  I also consider it my life’s calling and the deepest passion of my heart to be used by God, in the capacity of counseling others.

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Christine Buckingham, LCPC, NCC, MA - Executive Director